Introducing the many flavors of Asia to the North American Market since 1990.

"Bringing the taste from home in Japan to everyone" was the vision of Rikki USA founder, Masa Terada, when he opened his first Japanese restaurant in Kirkland Washington in 1990.


After several requests from customers wanting to buy and take home the restaurant's widely popular dressings, Masa decided to bottle and sell them. The demand became so great that in 1995 a separate production plant was opened and Rikki USA was born. This state of the art production and packaging facility in Redmond, Washington produces dozens of different flavors of “Masa's" branded dressings, sauces and marinades. "We are sold in six different countries including US, Mexico, and Asia,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of Rikki USA, Yasu Terada. Rikki USA introduces new flavors to the lineup each year.

Rikki USA is also the central development and production headquarters for club store, retail, retail deli, institutional and industrial customer projects. Rikki USA creates signature recipes featuring dressing, sauce, and marinade formulations, manufactured by Rikki USA, that play a critical defining role in these entrées, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and appetizers.

Masa leads a development team with expertise in the most popular food styles and regional cuisines and lends his global food perspective to every project.

Rikki USA was acquired and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamasa Corporation USA in 2015. Yamasa has been a leading manufacture of soy sauce and other products for over 600 years in Japan and now the USA.