Dedicated to refining and overseeing critical production processes, with great attention to quality control, and managing a vast number of unique ingredients– our team brings it all together producing exceptional products.



Rikki USA has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Redmond, WA and produces shelf stable, refrigerated, and frozen sauces, dressings and marinades with cold-fill and hot-fill capabilities. Products can be packed in pouches, glass/plastic bottles or tubs for retail, food service and industrial applications.

Contract Manufacturing

From product formulation to packaging, Rikki USA can help you develop successful products for your end users. Post-Product Development, our Operation's Team ensures that the product is manufactured to the precise product specifications. We are vigilant to provide food products which are of superior quality and with stringent food safety tolerances. Every employee at Rikki USA upholds these standards of excellence.



Food Safety

Rikki USA maintains comprehensive food safety programs throughout its facility and processes.

 HACCP program with certified personnel who participate in ongoing food safety education.

 All processes for handling, preparation and storage executed in a manner that prevents food borne illnesses.

 Annual Costco third party audits performed by NSF International

 Semi-annual WSDA compliance audits